Trygve Lies plass

A team consisting of Architectopia, MAD and ACT (DK) are one of four finalists for the NordicBuilt design competition for Trygve Lies Square in Furuset, Oslo. Trygve Lies Square is to be a dynamic, diverse and inclusive square that incorporates and promotes green mobility. The project began by embracing the given site with a ring. Inside the ring is a space for social interaction and activity that is open for people of all ages and backgrounds. The ring connects with the wider context, thereby allowing the site to interface with a multitude of other activities in its area.

Trygve Lies Square becomes an arena for all the complexity of urban life with a strong sense of place. Activity zones, each with its own unique purpose, are connected and given spatial definition by a continuous bicycle loop. The bicycle loop interjects the human scale whilst tying the square together from end to end. The bicycle loop both defines zones and opens up for movement between them.

As part of the environmental strategy, the team created a timeline stretching from     110 000 years in the past to 100 years in the future. Possible future scenarios were used to inform design decisions.  Trygve Lies Square can be Norway’s first Plus Energy Square (plussplass). Energy generated here can exceeds the energy required to power and maintain the square and the embodied energy in the building materials used in its construction.

  • Navn: Trygve Lies plass
  • Type: NordicBuilt konkurranse om byrom
  • Byggherre: Oslo kommune
  • Tid: 2015 - 6
  • Størrelse: 6000 m²
  • Bilde: Architectopia / MAD / ACT (DK)