Postgirobygget, Oslo

“Cities thrive on their interdependencies: relationships between public and private arenas, shared space, program synergies, and common infrastructure. At certain moments of critical mass, our cities become vertical, urbanity becomes layered and stacked. With this upward growth comes an intensity of activity, conditions, and unpredictable occurrences – an evolution!”

Architects: Space Group, Oslo

Structural design: Florian Kosche BGKI, Oslo

Sustainability + Environmental design: Architectopia, Oslo

Facade engineering: Bollinger+Grohmann BGKI, Frankfurt

Energy engineering: Bollinger+Grohmann BGKI, Frankfurt

Energy and HVAC: AJL, Oslo

Interactive business consultant: INT, Oslo

Economy and finance: Terramar, Oslo

Fire and security: Norconsult, Oslo

Office Design: Vitra

Architectopia ble invitert av Space Group til å delta i prosjektgruppen i runde 2 av konkurransen.  

  • Navn: Postgirobygget, Oslo
  • Type: Byfortetting
  • Byggherre:  Entra Eiendom AS
  • Kontakt byggherre:  Entra Eiendom AS
  • Tid:  2013
  • Bilde: Space group AS